New Approach: Induction Heat Treatment of Large Diameter Pipes and Coils

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New Approach: Induction Heat Treatment of Large Diameter Pipes and Coils

April 13, 2021 Engineering 0

Numerical models are used to create a new approach to designing and controlling induction heat treatment installations. Two-dimensional simulations of coupling electromagnetic and temperature fields in cylindrical structures for pipe and roll processing are included in the models. Thermal and structural stress are also simulated during the heating and cooling of pipes and rolls. These data are used to define the shape, hardness, grain size, and other properties of pipes and rolls. They allow for the optimization of design and equipment selection, as well as the selection of a heat treatment mode for achieving optimum quality while reducing energy consumption. Not only were the built models used to design induction heat treatment systems for pipes and rolls, but they were also used to monitor these complexes digitally. New induction heat treatment technologies for large diameter pipes (40”–62”) and rolling mill rolls with barrel diameters up to 65” are being produced. Computer control systems that have been developed make use of advanced numerical models to provide high-quality heat treatment while minimising residual stresses.

Author (s) Details

Professor, Doctor V. Demidovich
Russian Technologies of Induction Heating (RTIH) Ltd., Popov 23, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Associate Professor Yu. Perevalov
Department of Electrotechnology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI), Popov 5, St.Petersburg, Russia.

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