New Bottle for Milk: An Approach towards Positive and Negative Aspects

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New Bottle for Milk: An Approach towards Positive and Negative Aspects

June 3, 2021 Science and Technology 0

This paper will describe a novel approach to overcoming the aforementioned obstacles. We’re all familiar with the typical bottle and carboy shapes. They have a two-part form that is cylindrical (below) and conical (above) in most cases [1-3]. And we’d become used to it. Evidently, this is a really simple method of consuming beverages (water, milk, cream, mayonnaise, beer, juice, oil, kefir and so on). I’m not interested in having a discussion about it. However, in practice, everything has both positive and negative elements [4]. In my opinion, there are at least two important negative influences. For begin, the conical shape of bottles results in a loss of usable space that cannot be used in practice. We are unable to stack one bottle on top of the other along the height of the bottles (conical part disturbs us). The second bad and significant incident is as follows. Because of the container’s conical shape, there is usually space in the narrow portion where nice things can be stored that aren’t intended for human consumption. Product adhesion does not have any negative consequences. Thin edible film allows us to fully save both goods while also keeping the inner wall of rectangular or square-shaped bottles clean.

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Kirill Voinov
Department of Instrumentation Technologies, ITMO University, 9, Lomonosova Street, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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