Prediction of Onset of Mode I Delamination Growth under a Tensile Spectrum Load

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Prediction of Onset of Mode I Delamination Growth under a Tensile Spectrum Load

January 17, 2020 Materials Science and Engineering 0

In this investigation, the onset of mode I delamination growth under a standard aircraft spectrum load sequence, mini-FALSTAFF truncated to contain only tension-tension fatigue cycles is predicted. The study was carried out on a standard Double Cantilever Beam (DCB) test specimen of Uni Directional (UD) layup Carbon Fiber Composite (CFC) IMA/M21. Finite element modeling and analysis was carried out using ABAQUS standard to determine Strain Energy Release Rate (SERR) by Virtual Crack Closure Technique (VCCT). Both two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) models were studied. Using the FE analysis results, an empirical equation was derived for SERR (G) and load (P) relationship. Further, the load cycles in the spectrum sequence were rain flow counted to separate individual cycles. For each of the counted cycle, the SERR was obtained and corresponding N onset for that cycle was estimated from the Constant Onset Life Diagram (COLD) of the material. Linear damage accumulation law was used to predict the number of spectrum load blocks required for onset of mode I delamination growth. The prediction was carried out for various reference loads (P ref) and the corresponding reference SERR (G ref) of the spectrum sequence. Predicted results show that decreasing the reference stress increases the mode I delamination onset life under spectrum loads.

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J. Raju
Structural Technologies Division, CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore 560017, India.
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Visveswaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur 400016, India.

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