Prediction of “Person Competence” in Mirror-competent Bonding Animals

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Prediction of “Person Competence” in Mirror-competent Bonding Animals

August 4, 2022 Science and Technology 0

 The only species known to be mirror-competent are apes and corvids, however other groups of suitable species may exist, most likely including pair-bonding cephalopods if they do. If two mirror-competent bonding species are paired cross-caringly, all of them are subject to the “personogenetic function change.” Only the human ape experiences this symmetric connection spontaneously; however, it is possible to engineer it in other animals. The author’s organisation has previously made the current forecast, but no test has ever been made.

Author(s) Details:

Otto E. Rossler,
Faculty of Science, University of Tubingen, Auf der Morgenstelle, Tubingen, Germany.

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Keywords: Personogenetic function change, cephalopods, corvids, brain equation


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