Recent Study on Patch Antenna Miniaturization Using CSRR

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Recent Study on Patch Antenna Miniaturization Using CSRR

March 12, 2021 Physical Science 0

For Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) applications, a new metamaterial structure has been suggested. The effect of Double Negative (DNG) metamaterial loading for patch size reduction as well as a lower in resonance frequency for the fixed size patch antenna has been proposed for a patch antenna with dimensions of 18 mm x 13.9 mm and resonance at 5 GHz. The loading of this metamaterial structure resulted in a 72.5 percent reduction in the patch antenna’s size, as well as the effect of loading the metamaterial structure showing that the patch antenna would operate at 3.7 GHz resonance without reducing its size, resulting in a 26 percent reduction in resonance frequency.
The metamaterial structure was constructed over a 1.57 mm thick Fr4 substrate and consists of two concentric rings with an outer radius of 3.1 mm, a ring width of 1.0 mm, and a break of 0.5 mm. The bending effect of the patch antenna with and without metamaterial loading has also been demonstrated, as well as a contrast with the planar patch antenna. The resonance of the metamaterial structure was demonstrated at 5 GHz, and its permittivity and permeability behaviour over the target frequency range was plotted. For return loss, VSWR, gain, and performance, simulations of conventional patch antennas and patch antennas over metamaterial were compared. The loading of CSRR decreases the patch size by 72.5 percent while lowering the resonant frequency by 26% for the same size patch, according to the specification. Although the full field solver tool simulates a circuit response in a 3D environment, it is slow and resource-intensive. Finally, using Matlab and ADS for its equivalence to 3D field solver, a spice circuit for the S parameter of the metamaterial, patch antenna, and patch antenna loaded with metamaterial was developed, and its comparison plotted for verification. As a result, for the CSRR, patch antenna with and without CSRR, an equivalent spice circuit and RLGC parameters are required. It has been loaded in order to be used in an electrical circuit.

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Varindra Kumar
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

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