Relativistic Tests do not Falsify Euclidean 3-geometry of Continuous Space-matter

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Relativistic Tests do not Falsify Euclidean 3-geometry of Continuous Space-matter

February 20, 2021 Physical Science 0

Aligned polarization of quasars at megaparsec distances, correlated motion of galaxies, and entangled sub-organizations of celestial distributions and living matter involve nonlocal macroscopic physics within a joint context with quantum mechanics. Documented scattering and dissipative energy exchange in the laboratory provided the pragmatic illusion of localized material bodies residing in empty space before and after the procedure of local measurements. This illusion was mathematically confirmed by the point mass model with supposed pulls from gravitational (negative, non-existent) energy densities. Einstein’s General Relativity can be reformulated in metric terms of continuous mass-energy of positive (measurable) densities. The kinetic existence of dispersed rest energy or its continuous mass density with local metric stresses disproves Newtonian gravitational fields as a conceptual carrier of pulling energy. This book introduces modern mathematics of geometrized inertial densities to describe the basic tests of Einstein’s physics in terms of Cartesian matter-expansion with Euclidean three-dimensional space in curved spacetime. The remote pulls of Newtonian gravity are replaced by correlated metric stresses in the kinetic monism of nonlocally distributed mass-energy in the Universe.

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Igor Bulyzhenkov
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russian Federation.

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