Root Studies: What is New? An Extension to a Previous Review of 2013

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Root Studies: What is New? An Extension to a Previous Review of 2013

July 1, 2021 Soil Science 0

Recent root studies have included modeling of the soil-root system to quantify the performance of such a complex system. Recent advances in computer sciences and technology have made it more accessible to users of computer sciences, engineering, and life sciences. There are still some limitations because the evolution of millions of years of adaptation to living of plants on soil involves life on thresholds between phases of roots-soil surfaces, which mathematics and computer science are still unable to properly deal with. The technological advancement appears to be promising. In this follow-up to a previous review, I survey recent advances in modeling of root uptake from soils. Certain improvements have been made, but fundamental issues remain unresolved. These primarily involve nutrient uptake along roots, nutrient interactions at soil-root interfaces, and biological and microbiological interactions with soil microflora.

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Moshe Silberbush
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Jacob Blaustein Instutes for Desert Research-French Associates Institute for Agriculture and Biotechnology of Drylands, Sede-Boqer Campus, Midreshet-Ben-Gurion, Israel.

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