Studies in Second Language Acquisition

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Studies in Second Language Acquisition

May 15, 2021 EDUCATION 0

Oral communication competency allows language speakers to communicate effectively with one another. Because oral expression is a manner of expressing thinking and providing feedback and development through the linguistic function, oral communicative competence encompasses a broad semantic scope (Vygotsky, 1992; [1,2,3]). The use of the language as a medium of communication, both oral and written, representation, interpretation, and reality comprehension is the foundation of English communicative competence. The purpose of this study is to look into the oral communicative skills in English of pupils who have completed primary school. It also seeks to determine whether the study center, the gender of the students, their attitude toward the English language, and their attendance at private sessions all contribute to their oral communicative competence. The sample was carefully chosen and stratified (rural-urban schools and ordinary-bilingual schools). It is made up of 265 students, and the instrument is a questionnaire that has been proven to be reliable and valid. The findings demonstrate high levels of competence, more than expected, and minor disparities favoring girls and urban bilingual schools in the acquisition of English oral communicative competence. Clearly, students who devote more time to English revision and study have greater success in the acquisition of linguistic communicative competence in oral expression and oral interaction.

Author (s) Details

Isabel Cantón Mayo
Facultad de Educación, Campus de Vegazana, Universidad de León, León, Spain.

Elena Pérez Barrioluengo
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Campus de Vegazana, Universidad de León, León, Spain.

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