Study Highlighting Calculation of Dark Energy and Dark Matter

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Study Highlighting Calculation of Dark Energy and Dark Matter

September 11, 2021 Physical Science 0

The foundations of a dark energy theory. The numerical value obtained from the available data is compared to the theoretical outcome. The approach is plausible because the numerical values are well-matched, resulting in three independent paths. The current project is similar to KEPLER’s laws of planetary orbits. Only ISAAC NEWTON gave KEPLER’s laws a theoretical foundation, which THOMAS GRNITZ [1] provides here. The empirical BALMER formula for the frequencies of the NIELS BOHR, who computed the energy levels of the hydrogen atom and the frequencies of spectral lines, theoretically justified spectral lines in the arc spectrum of hydrogen. Summary: It is discussed how a formula for calculating dark energy was developed. On the basis of data from the MAX PLANCK Institute for Radio Astronomy, the result is verified. Additional formulas are subtracted. The universe’ dark matter has been computed. A balance sheet is drawn up. Conclusions are drawn.

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Friedhelm M. Jöge
Schulstrasse 57, D-31812 Bad Pyrmont, Germany.

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