Study of Darlington Pair Amplifier with Matched NChannel MOSFETs

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Study of Darlington Pair Amplifier with Matched NChannel MOSFETs

August 24, 2021 Engineering 0

Using PSpice-defined identical Nchannel commercial power MOSFETs in Darlington pair architecture, two distinct circuit models of small-signal amplifiers are built. User-defined PSpice models of matched N-channel MOSFETs are also used to evaluate the proposed circuits. At higher frequencies, respective amplifiers successfully eliminate the Darlington pair amplifier’s poor frequency response problem. The suggested circuits will effectively require an additional biassing resistance RA, ranging from 1K to 100K, to preserve their voltage/current amplification feature. When RA is present, the corresponding amplifiers provide high voltage gains, moderate range bandwidths, and a large increase in gain. At a frequency of 1 KHz, current gains for a 1-10mV input signal range are calculated. Both of the suggested amplifier circuits can be set to a specific audible frequency range between 130Hz and 55KHz. These amplifier circuits are suited for usage in radio and television receivers due to their tuning performance. These amplifiers can be utilised as high voltage gain, high power gain, and tuned amplifiers due to their high quality and tuning capabilities. For the suggested amplifiers, the effect of environmental temperature, phase variation at different operation frequencies, AC equivalent circuit analysis, and the effect of variation in biassing resistances are all explored in detail.

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Sachchida Nand Shukla
Department of Physics and Electronics, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Faizabad, Ayodhya, 224001, UP, India.

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