Study on Acral Pustulosis and Psoriatic Arthritis in a Young Lady

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Study on Acral Pustulosis and Psoriatic Arthritis in a Young Lady

September 10, 2021 Medicine and Medical Research 0

In this section of the world, psoriasis is uncommon, and pustular psoriasis is very rarer. As a result, patients are frequently misdiagnosed by their doctors and present to dermatologists late, after problems have already arisen. We look at the case of a 33-year-old woman who had pustular eruptions on her hands and feet for two years, as well as pain and swelling in the affected joints and other anomalies. She had been misdiagnosed with skin tuberculosis and leprosy at various hospitals prior to her appearance and treated as such with little success. When the patient was shown to us, a skin biopsy was conducted, and the sample was sent for histopathology. She Oral methotrexate was administered after I was diagnosed with pustular psoriasis. She responded well to treatment, with the exception of the joint abnormalities, and the lesions cleaned up in a few weeks. This instance exemplifies the challenges that psoriasis patients experience in a resource-constrained environment like ours, as well as the need of cheap drugs like methotrexate in their treatment. This is especially true in this location, considering the high cost and scarcity of more modern biologic medications.

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M. N. Amaewhule
Department of Internal Medicine, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Department of Radiology, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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