Study on Mobile Technology, Social Media and 180 Million People

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Study on Mobile Technology, Social Media and 180 Million People

June 18, 2021 Economics and Management 0

In the last 30 years, developed economies around the world have used information technology (IT) in many aspects of life, particularly to promote efficiency in businesses and to strengthen ties between the company and its internal and external stakeholders. Despite the fact that technology has been integrated into everyday life in established economies all over the world, particularly in the way they For a variety of reasons, little can be said about the advancement of such new technologies in developing countries. Poverty, insufficient facilities, poor Internet penetration, high energy costs, corruption, and an unpredictable political system have all contributed to the low adoption and use of IT in developing countries thus far. However, the pattern appears to be changing since the mid-2000s. Internet use has increased as a result of the increased use of smart phones, making it more accessible to a mostly young and educated population in recent years.

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