Study on Nutritional and Genetically Studies on Some Squash Varieties

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Study on Nutritional and Genetically Studies on Some Squash Varieties

September 4, 2021 Science and Technology 0

The role of dried peels of several squash species as antioxidants when added to a processed cake was examined in this study. The sugar content of the cake as well as the sensory properties were measured as a result of varying peel additions. In addition, using a half diallel crosses mating scheme, the four kinds were crossed to produce six F1 hybrids. Different squash peels enhanced acceptance and sugar content, according on the findings. The quantities of heterosis against mid-parents, on the other hand, revealed highly significant values for all attributes investigated. For most qualities tested, the estimates of heterosis vs the better parent demonstrated substantial significance. For the yield and yield component traits, none of the hybrids showed maximum heterosis, but some hybrids showed a considerable and desirable level of heterosis above mid-parents and better parent.

Eskandarani (P1), Siyah Kabuk (P2), Erbil Garden (P3), and Zucchino Alberallo Di Sarzana (P4) are four squash cultivars from the species (Cucurbita pepo, L.) used in this study. These cultivars’ seeds came from many countries: (P1) Egypt, (P2) Turkey, (P3) Iraq, and (P4) Italy.

Author (S) Details

Dalia M. Hikal
Nutrition and Food Science, Home Economics Department, Faculty of Specific Education, Mansoura University, Egypt.

M. A. Abdein
Biology Department, Faculty of Arts and Science, Northern Border University, Rafha, Saudi Arabia.

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