Study on Role of CECT Abdomen in Intestinal Obstruction: A Clinical Approach

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Study on Role of CECT Abdomen in Intestinal Obstruction: A Clinical Approach

September 8, 2021 Medicine and Medical 0

Intestinal blockage, which can be dynamic or adynamic, is a common clinical occurrence. The traditional proverb “Never let the sun set or dawn on a plugged intestine” was taught to prevent missing strangulation. Helical CT can accurately describe the level, degree, origin, and difficulties associated with obstruction thanks to its multiplanar reformatted imaging. The study’s goal was to show the range of MDCT findings in cases of minor and large bowel obstruction, as well as the relationship between CT scan findings and intraoperative findings and the cause of intestinal blockage. Methods: 50 patients with clinical and MDCT evidence of intestinal blockage were prospectively included in the trial, and surgical/clinical follow-up for final diagnosis was provided. MDCT was used to do CT scans on all of the patients (Brightspeed GE 16 slice system). To assess the location and aetiology of intestinal blockage, the axial sections were rebuilt in coronal and saggital planes. Adhesions/bands were the most common cause of intestinal obstruction in adults in this study series, accounting for 38 percent of cases. CT findings matched intraoperative findings in 43 patients (91%) of 47 operated patients for intestinal obstruction, while cause of intestinal obstruction matched CT findings in 37 patients (74 percent ). Conclusions: Management decisions in intestinal blockage are notoriously challenging, with patients being stratified into conservative or surgical treatment based on a mix of clinical, laboratory, and imaging variables. In some individuals, a CT scan can help the surgeon plan surgery ahead of time and avoid difficulties.

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Mohammad Farooque G. Dudhwala
Department of General Surgery, Dhiraj Hospital , S.B.K.S.M.I.R.C., Pipariya , Gujarat, India

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