Study on the Trauma of Slave Women in Humus

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Study on the Trauma of Slave Women in Humus

August 25, 2021 Humanities and Social Sciences 0

The storey of slavery is always recounted from a male perspective, ignoring the suffering of women who were also enslaved and compelled to work. Many people who discuss this heinous event emphasise the pain of males who were seized without their will at the expense of women. As a result, Martinican writer Fabienne Kanor chose to recount the storey of African slave women of various origins.the various sorts of cruelty and misery they endured while crossing the Atlantic Ocean to labour as slaves in other areas of the world. This research examines their plight by exposing their communal and individual sexual exploitation traumas, as well as the trauma of displacement, which is linked to their loss of identity and meaning.

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Derrick Adjei Kankam
University of Oklahoma, United States.

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