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Isolation and Molecular Identification of Vibrio spp. by Sequencing of 16S rDNA from Seafood, Meat and Meat Products in Libya: A Descriptive Study

The study’s major goal was to define microorganisms obtained from seafood, meat, and meat products that could cause food poisoning. We intend to use this information to establish a baseline for future foodborne illness studies in Libya. Septicemia, cholera, and milder forms of gastroenteritis are all caused by food-borne microbes in the genus Vibrio. Vibrio…
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March 24, 2022 0

Selection and Characterization of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria Isolated from the Rhizosphere of Three Cultivated Legumes in Morocco

Phosphorus is the most important nutrient for the growth and development of plants. Phosphate-solubilizing bacteria (PSB) are known to influence plant growth by enhancing the availability of soluble P. This study aimed to isolate PSB from the rhizosphere of three cultivated legumes (fava bean, chickpea, and green peas) and evaluate their plant growth promotion (PGP)…
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August 2, 2019 0