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Studies on Idiopathic Sclerosing Encapsulating Peritonitis Revealed by Intestinal Obstruction

Sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis (SEP) is a very rare entity characterized by encasement of small intestine by a fibro collagenous membrane. It is divided into primary (idiopathic) which is named as abdominal cocoon and secondary forms. The preoperative diagnosis is difficult and most cases are diagnosed intraoperatively. A conservative treatment approach is the most suitable management…
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July 4, 2020 0

Current Research on Abdominal Cocoon Syndrome: Two Cases of an Anatomical Abnormality

Introduction: Idiopathic sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis or abdominal cocoon syndrome (ACS) is a rare anatomical deformity characterized by the partial or complete encasement of the small intestine with fibrotic peritoneum. 193 incidents have been described worldwide. The aim of this study was to present two ACS cases successfully treated at the Surgical Clinic of the Agios…
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April 10, 2020 0