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Determination of Chemically Desposited ZnO Thin Films for Possible Device Applications

Deposition and Characterization of ZnO Thin Films by Solution Growth Technique with Ammonia (NH3) as a Complexing Agent Solution growth approach was used to form zinc oxide thin films on glass slides at temperatures ranging from 60 to 100 degrees Celsius in a 1M NaOH solution. The films were proven to be ZnO thin films…
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October 30, 2021 0

Response of Pseudomonas Species from Contaminated Soils to Selected Organic (Synthetic) Pesticides

Growth response profile of three species of Pseudomonas isolated from pesticide contaminated soils within Uyo, Nigeria was studied using standard microbiological and analytical techniques. The ability of the isolates to tolerate varying concentrations of commercially available pesticides namely; Decis, DD force and Cyperforce was assessed over a 96 hour period. Selective enrichment cultures with graded…
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November 19, 2019 0