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Determining the Value of Intra-Operative Frozen Section in Thyroid Neoplasm Management

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the value of the frozen section (FS) in the management of patients with thyroid disease, as well as to share our personal experiences with it after thyroid surgery. In this retrospective investigation, the outcomes of 1110 frozen sections of thyroid tissues analysed during a ten-year period from…
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April 15, 2022 0

Study on Difficulty-Level Classification for English Writings

 This study extracts eleven types of attributes from English text data in order to classify English text by learning and categorization level of difficulty. Text is submitted to machine learning and categorization using the “leave-one-out cross-validation” method. E-books have recently become more popular. The process of manually categorising all of the e-books takes a long…
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March 21, 2022 0

A Lightweight and Efficient DL Based Intrusion Detection System: An Advanced Study

The intrusion detection system was created utilising a variety of machine learning algorithms. For training and testing, a variety of publicly available datasets were employed. Various machine learning algorithms were used to analyse the performance matrix, such as accuracy, precision, and recall. On diverse data sets, a few deep learning approaches have also been employed…
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November 24, 2021 0

A Prospective Study on Evaluation of Salivary Gland Tumors: An Approach to Clinical Radiology and Pathology

Due to their overlapping appearances, salivary gland cancers are difficult to identify based purely on clinical presentation or cytological results. Inadequate cytology samples can make preoperative diagnosis difficult. The gold standard for diagnosing these malignancies is histopathology. The goal of this study was to determine the clinical, radiological, and cytological features of these tumours and…
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August 3, 2021 0

Integration of a Ruler to Measure Depth in the Design of the Stolf Impact Penetrometer: A Retrospective Study

The Stolf impact penetrometer is a dynamic cone penetrometer that has been used to measure soil resistance since its introduction in 1982. In the original design, a centimeter-scale for measuring penetration depth was engraved on the penetration steel rod. The idea was to make the equipment more understandable for farmers by allowing direct readings on…
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June 21, 2021 0

Comparision of Accuracy between Multi Implant Impressions While Using Different Splinting and Impression Materials: An In Vitro Study

The 3-dimensional spatial orientation of intra-oral location of implant fixtures cannot be transferred to the working cast due to movement of impression copings within the impression materials. As a result, an accurate and passive operation is necessary for the long-term success of the implant. The aim of this in vitro analysis was to see how…
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March 20, 2021 0