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Variations of Arterial Supply to Adrenal Gland: Clinical Implications and Observations

This branch highlights the alternatives in the arterial pattern of adrenal gland. Adrenal glands are a pair of endocrine glands situated in relation to the above poles of kidney that secretes hormones that are owned by human life.This study is acted in the Anatomy Department, RKDF Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Bhopal by symmetrically…
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June 1, 2023 0

A Systemic Review on Robotic Versus Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy

Background: For most surgical procedures, minimally invasive surgery has become the norm. Many research have been conducted to compare robotic and laparoscopic adrenalectomy.   The goal of this study is to look at the majority of the papers that compare robotic and laparoscopic adrenalectomy to see whether treatment has better clinical outcomes. Methods: A comprehensive…
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October 11, 2021 0