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Control of Cr(VI) Pollution Using Surface Modified Activated Carbon Derived from the Bark of Ziziphus mauritiana

The indiscriminate discharge of heavy metals into wastewater and soil as a result of human industrial practises is posing a severe hazard to the environment. Heavy metals in the environment have been a major source of worry in recent years due to their toxicity, bioaccumulation potential, and hazard to human life and the ecosystem. Hexavalent…
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May 4, 2022 0

Green Synthesis of Ceria Nanoparticles Using Allium sativum Extract: Adsorption and Photo Fenton Degradation of Congo Red Dye

The goal of this research is to create ceria nanoparticles using a sol-gel method and aqueous Allium sativum (garlic) extract, as well as to investigate the use of the synthesised samples in Congo Red dye removal from water via adsorption and photo Fenton degradation. X-ray diffraction, Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy, diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, scanning electron…
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January 11, 2022 0

Determination of Adsorption of Acidic Dye from Aqueous Solutions onto Blue Green Algal Biomass: An Approach to Kinetic, Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Studies

In a batch mode, the adsorption of an acidic dye, Methyl Orange (MO), onto non-viable blue green algal biomass, Oscillatoria sp., was studied in aqueous solutions with respect to operational parameters such as contact duration, adsorbent dose, pH, and temperature. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, elemental analysis, and scanning electron microscopy were used to characterise…
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October 21, 2021 0

Studies on Colour Removal from Dye Aqueous Solution Using Modified Forms of Adsorbent Materials

The ability of activated carbon (CSAC) and polypyrrole coated sawdust (PPy/SD) obtained from the fruit of Cordia sebestena’s gardening plant material to adsorb acid orange -7 from aqueous solutions was examined. The adsorption method is a viable treatment option, particularly if the adsorbent is affordable and easily available. Variations in experimental parameters such as pH,…
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October 21, 2021 0

Study on Synthesis and Application of HCs5P2W18O62.16H2O to Adsorption of Organic Matter: Methylene Blue

The dye methylene blue was tested for adsorption by the cesium Dawson heteropolyanion HCs5P2W18O62.16H2O. Adsorption is a critical step in heterogeneous catalysis. Adsorption can also be used as a separation method to eliminate unwanted colours from industrial waste. The first section is on adsorbent synthesis and characterization. The adsorption-related experimental parameters were then optimised. Finally,…
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September 13, 2021 0

Study on Biosorption of Divalent ion onto Treated Prosopis Juliflora Bark from Aqueous Solutions: An Approach towards Isothermal and Statistical Analysis

The current study focuses on the use of Prosopis juliflora bark for Cu adsorption (II). To improve sorption effectiveness, raw Prosopis juliflora bark is treated with 0.1N hydrochloric acid. Scanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis, Bruner-Emmet-Teller, and Barrett-Joyner-Halenda studies were used to characterise TPJB. The maximum amount adsorbed was found to be 43.11 mg/g…
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August 31, 2021 0

Promotion in Refolding and Heat Stress Tolerance of Proteins by Adsorption Immobilization to Biochar

The adsorption of hen egg white lysozyme (HEWL) on adzuki bean charcoal powder (ABCP), which was made from adzuki bean waste by pyrolysis without combustion under a nitrogen atmosphere and subsequently comminution with a jet mill, significantly improved HEWL’s heat stress tolerance. Even at high temperatures, HEWL was well-adsorbed on ABCP. The remaining activity of…
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August 23, 2021 0

Chitosan-silica- polyethylene Glycol (Ch/Si/P) Solid Membrane for Removal of Cu(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions

Chitosan is thought to be an interesting raw material for membrane production because it has functional groups of –NH2 and –OH that are easily modified. The chitosan membrane has flaws such as low mechanical properties. To compensate for these flaws, silica is added during the chitosan membrane synthesis process to improve chitosan membrane stability. Plasticizer…
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June 30, 2021 0

Studies on Removal of Toxic Cd2+ and Pb2+ from Aqueous Solutions by Using Agro-waste (Cola nitida Pod)

Industrial processes and used commercial (metallic) products generate a large amount of metallic waste, which is discharged into the environment via water or land-dumping sites. It is estimated that the toxicity of metallic discharge into the environment far outweighs the total toxicity of all radioactive and organic wastes combined. The importance of metals and their…
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June 19, 2021 0

Experimental Approach to Chemical Evolution

The formation of essential biomonomers from simpler molecules present in the prebiotic world, and their subsequent condensation to biopolymers, was the beginning of life processes. The effects of nucleic acid bases (thymine and uracil) at two separate concentrations (1 x 10-4 M and 1 x 10-5 M) on pH base adsorption on copper, cobalt, and…
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April 23, 2021 0