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Trauma Informed Training Practices in Adult Education

A qualitative literature review is used to emphasize the move to learner-centered techniques in vocational education and training, as well as to profile the use of trauma-informed techniques to meet learner needs and improve learner inclusion and success. The conversation starts with a recognition of the need for trauma-informed approaches in technical and further education,…
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May 15, 2021 0

Similarities and Differences between Adult and Child Learners as Participants in the Natural Learning Process: Scientific Approach

This paper compares Brian Cambourne’s Conditions of Learning [1], APA’s Learner-Centered Psychological Principles [2], and Malcolm Knowles’ Adult Learning Theory [3]. These theories embrace the natural learning process and not the traditional view of learning. The traditional view suggests that the teacher has the knowledge, the learner is dependent on the teacher to disseminate the…
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August 4, 2020 0

Recent Perspective: Providing Deep Learning through Active Engagement of Adult Learners in Blended Courses

Malcolm Knowles [1] indicates that adult learners are most likely to be actively engaged in learning when they are given some choice and control over the learning process. When the curriculum relates to the adult learner’s interests, is individualized, and authentic; the adult learner becomes actively engaged in the process by making a ‘psychological investment’…
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July 27, 2020 0

Pedagogy vs Adult Learning. Τwo Vicinal Fields. A Comparative Research on the Roles of the EducatorSchool Teacher and the Adult Trainer

According to findings of research conducted in Greece in the last decade within the Adult Education and Training field, a high percentage of the certified adult trainers in Greece are graduates of Education Studies. Even though a great number of adult trainers originate from the Education field there is no – so far –comparative research…
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July 15, 2020 0