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Epithelioid Sarcoma of 3rd Toe: A Rare Case Report

Epithelioid sarcoma is a rare, aggressive soft tissue sarcoma with a high rate of recurrence and metastasis locally. It is a tumour with an unknown histogenesis that can be difficult to diagnose because it is frequently misinterpreted as another benign or malignant illness. It usually appears as a subcutaneous or deep dermal tumour in the…
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October 21, 2021 0

Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibromas: Clinico-Radiological Evaluation

Because it is a highly vascular tumour, juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma (JNA) is also known as bleeding fibroma. In prepubescent and young adults, this is a benign tumour that is locally aggressive and bleeds. Due to the potential space available in the nasopharyngeal area, the tumour spreads without much resistance. JNA necessitates an early and precise…
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September 15, 2021 0

Plant Mimicry: ‘A Mesmerizing Maneuver’

The kingdom of plants is full of mimics, which has been evolving some very unique and fascinating tactics to trick predators and competitors. ‘Plant mimicry’, the impressive outcomes of natural selection; is based on three protagonists, i.e., model, mimic and signal receiver. True mimicry involves the deception of a signal receiver which is unable to…
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August 12, 2020 0