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Divine-Prophetic Discourse in Biblical and Quranic Texts: A Stylistic Analysis

The purpose of this research is to identify the stylistic features of Divine-Prophetic discourse in Biblical and Quranic texts. The use of various figures of speech is the most common stylistic style used in religious literature. Specifically, this project sets out to address the following question: what are the most common stylistic devices used in…
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February 23, 2022 0

Research on the Competency of the Post Graduate Teachers in Appreciating English Poetry

The Post Graduate Teachers teaching English as a second language to Higher Secondary Classes that is 11th and 12th grades need to cultivate a good sense of appreciation for poetry. They need to inherit the thirst for reading poetry aloud and competence to elucidate the essential characteristics of poetry. A study was launched to understand…
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August 4, 2020 0