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A Brief Case Study on Anatomical Variations in the Extra Hepatic Biliary System

The biliary system’s anatomy has long been the subject of extensive study. They have drawn a lot of interest because of their surgical significance in cholecystectomies and how easily they may be investigated. The extrahepatic bile ducts have drawn a lot of attention, but there hasn’t been much study on them in India. Examining the…
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July 1, 2022 0

Study of Ansa Subclavia: Anatomy, Functions and Repercussions

A nerve fibre known as the ansa subclavia connects the middle and inferior cervical ganglions. In order to connect the inferior cervical ganglion, the cord from the middle cervical ganglion bends inferiorly the first segment of the subclavian artery medial to the vertebral artery. From rats, guinea pigs, the porcine species, and dogs to humans,…
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June 23, 2022 0

Self Directed Learning and Its Application in Anatomy

In today’s medical field, new technologies are stepping in to help patients achieve positive results. New technologies necessitate qualified and skilled doctors to meet the obstacles of using the technology. When we are ready to learn new things on our own, i.e. self-directed learning, we can explore and update our own knowledge. Self-motivation to attain…
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April 15, 2022 0

Study on Localized Scleroderma, Associated with Lyme Disease

Localized scleroderma (morphea) is a chronic, long-term disease characterised by a connective tissue lesion in the skin with a predominance of fibro-sclerotic and vascular complications. The current study included 40 individuals who completed a questionnaire and underwent a laboratory check. The people that were tested ranged in age from 18 to 74 years old. The…
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September 15, 2021 0

Anatomy of Leaf Epidermis and Petiole of Two Selected Species of Hibiscus: An experimental Investigation

The architecture of the leaf epidermis and petiole of two Hibiscus species was investigated in a laboratory experiment using staining of cut sections and microscope viewing. The experiment discovered morphological differences between the two species studied. The foliar anatomy of Hibiscus sabdariffa and Abelmoschus esculentus, as well as differences in the proximal morphologies of the…
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September 9, 2021 0

Study Perception of First-Year Medical Students on the Use of WhatsApp as a Supplementary Learning Tool

The use of WhatsApp as a communication channel among students, as well as between students and faculties, is increasing. The purpose of this study was to learn about first-year medical students’ opinions on the effectiveness of WhatsApp as a teaching and learning tool as a supplement to traditional teaching methods. Materials and Methods: The research…
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September 8, 2021 0

The Anatomy of the Human Mind – The Cultural Consciousness and the Existential Consciousness Inherent in the Human Brain

Human existence is marked by linked gestures of survival and identity. The most crucial layer of consciousness, or existential struggle, survival, and identity crisis, dives into the structures of the human being’s built mind. A human being is mostly built through the realms of society and cultural standards, and a human being’s consciousness is determined…
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August 4, 2021 0

Determination of Duplicated Optic Canals in Eastern Indian Human Skulls from India

Optic canal duplication is a rare condition that affects both sexes, people of all ages, and people of different races. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of optic canal duplication and to investigate its clinical and developmental implications. Methods: For the study, 100 dry human skulls of both sexes and ages…
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July 3, 2021 0

Anatomical Studies on the Stem and Leaf of Vernonia amygdalina Del, Cyanthillium cinereum (L.) H. Rob and Brenandendron donianum (DC.) H.Rob. in Southern Nigeria: Recent development

A light microscope was used to establish the taxonomic relationships of three species: Vernonia amygdalina Del. (Bitter leaf and Non-bitter leaf varieties), Cyanthillium cinereum (L.) H.Rob., and Brenandendron donianum (DC.) H.Rob. Anatomical evidence has recently led to plant species being separated from their families or genera and placed under a different taxon. In all of…
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May 7, 2021 0