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The Influence of Gongronema latifolium and Ocimum basilicum Extracts on the Antioxidant and Physicochemical Properties of Smoked Beef Stored at Room Temperature

The first paragraph is an introduction. The necessity to investigate natural alternatives with antioxidant potential in meat processing has arisen as a result of the persistent health hazards connected with artificial preservatives. The effect of Ocimum basilicum (OBE) and Gongronema latifolium (GLE) extracts on smoked beef during 9 days of room storage (25°C) was investigated…
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May 31, 2021 0

Medicinal Plant Centella asiatica (Mandukaparni): From Farm to Pharma

Centella asiatica (L.) Urban Apiaceae (Mandukaparni or Brahmi or Gotu kola) is a medicinally important, creeping, perennial plant. This species is widely distributed throughout temperate regions, but is occasionally also found under high rainfall tracts of subtropical India. Recently, it is considered under threatened species as mentioned by IUCN. In this investigation, we have carried…
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September 23, 2020 0