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The Greatest Error in Biological Sciences, Started in 1930 and Continuing Up to Now, Generating Numerous Profound Misunderstandings in Almost All Fields of Biology

Is a cell a complex coacervate with distribution coefficients and adsorption coefficients as the primary physical–chemical characteristics, allowing for low-entropy bioenergetics based on coherence, as Schrödinger proposed in 1944? Is it possible that a cell contains ordinary water in solution with tiny solutes like K+, separated by a membrane containing ion-pumps that must constantly combat…
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May 26, 2021 0

DNA and RNA in the Context of the ‘Colloid-Coherence’ Paradigm of Cell Physiology

Direct observations of complex colloid properties and cell phase-transition behaviour, as well as observations of coherent behaviour, are now available. Since it is based on the untenable physics of diluted solutions with a ‘steady state non-equilibrium’ bioenergetics as a result, the still-dominant ‘membrane-pump-theory’ must be abandoned entirely, with all its repercussions. It should be replaced…
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May 10, 2021 0