CuII Complexes with (2-benzylidenehydrazinyl)- 4- Phenylthiazole Ligands: An Experimental and Theoretical Study

The CuII complexes of (E)-2-(2-benzylidenehydrazinyl)-4-phenylthiazole, L1, (E)-2-(2-(4-chlorobenzylidene)hydrazinyl)-4-phenylthiazole, L2, and(E)-2-(2-(4-methoxybenzylidene)hydrazinyl)-4-phenylthiazole L3 ligands were prepared and spectroscopically characterised. The EPR spectroscopy indicates the formation for L2 and L3 of two complexation compounds, but for L1 of one main component. Hyperfine parameters A = 122(±1) G and g = 2.40(±0.01); A = 13(±2) G and g ⁇ =…
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October 15, 2020 0