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Traditions and Cultural Heritage: Genesis, Reproduction, and Preservation

The contributions assembled in this volume are the products of an intensive graduate seminar with a strong and practical focus on writing. Methodologies discourses and advices, useful as they can be have limited practical impacts. One learns how to write by writing, over and over again. Accordingly, as the seminar name “Writing Anthropology” suggests was…
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February 27, 2023 0

Entwined Fables and Parables in Deshpande’s Fiction

The essay demonstrates how mythology and folklore have become an important aspect of Shashi Deshpande’s writing. That Long Silence and the Dark Holds No Terrors were the two novels chosen. That Long Silence by Deshpande is a critique of Indian marriages that prevent women from freely communicating and expressing themselves. It reveals how patriarchal behaviours…
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May 4, 2022 0