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Corporate Financial Stability: An Immutable Link between Going Concern and Earning Capacity of Firms

Globally, financiers have enhance more worried about allied endurance than next monetary gains. Most economic analysts use usual financial competence versification to gauge the monetary fitness of anticipated firms immediately. However, these versification are frequently missing of the ability and accuracy wonted of the news they create. Specifically, very productive valuations and firms’ monetary balance…
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November 26, 2022 0

Emphasizing the Working Capital Management and Firms’ Profitability: Evidence from Quoted Firms on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Over the years, it seemed that businesses were not subject to careful management of short-term assets, resulting in either excessive or insufficient working capital, which in turn affected their profitability. Working capital and the series that it shapes are handled by management of working capital. This paper analyzed working capital management and the profitability of…
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February 15, 2021 0