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Focusing on Spacetime Geometry and the Laws of Physics

Well known are the Laws of Classical and Quantum Mechanics. Its origin, however, remains elusive and its understanding contentious. It was argued that unless one manages to derive the Laws of Physics from the very first principles, this condition will continue. We use simple Differential Geometry principles in this paper to yield the Klein-Gordon equation…
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November 6, 2020 0

Colombeau Solutions to Einstein Field Equations in General Relativity: Gravitational Singularities, Distributional SAdS BH Spacetime-Induced Vacuum Dominance

This paper dealing with Colombeau extension of the Einstein field equations using apparatus of the Colombeau generalized function [1]-[2] and contemporary generalization of the classical Lorentzian geometry named in literature Colombeau distributional geometry, see for example [5]-[30] and [15][31]. The regularizations of singularities present in some Colombeau solutions of the Einstein equations is an important…
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November 16, 2019 0