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A Case of ACTH-independent Macronodular Adrenal Hyperplasia

Bilateral macronodular adrenal hyperplasia (BMAH) is a rare cause of Cushing syndrome that is marked by an enlarged adrenal gland with numerous nodules that are greater than 10 mm in diameter and can exceed 30-40 mm in diameter. Many recent studies have suggested that hypercortisolism in BMAH is caused by ectopic hormone receptor expression, such…
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May 3, 2021 0

A Case of Adrenal Cushing’s Syndrome Presenting as Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head

Excessive use of steroids or alcohol intake can lead to avascular necrosis of the femoral head. Overproduction of endogenous cortisol seldom causes avascular necrosis of the femoral head. The case of a 37-year-old woman with avascular necrosis of the femoral head and adrenal Cushing syndrome is discussed in this study. A cortisol-producing adrenal adenoma was…
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March 17, 2021 0