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Study about Participation of Women in Dairy Farm Management Practices in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, India

In India, women play a significant role in dairy farm activities. They conduct the majority of the work in animal husbandry while remaining unnoticed. The purpose of this study is to document their contribution to the dairy industry. The involvement of rural women in dairy farm activities is being investigated in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna district.…
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November 5, 2021 0

An Assessment of the Hygiene Level in the Dairy Processing Plant: Recent Development

Hygiene and sanitation play a critical role in the dairy business, as their level has a significant impact on food quality and safety. The HACCP system, which is necessary for all producers and anyone who handle or place food on the market, is used in the Slovak Republic’s food business. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis…
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September 6, 2021 0