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Most Popular Package Design and NP-Hard Problem

We look into the issue of creating a most popular package (or, let’s say, a pattern), that is, a subset of items that maximises the number of happy users, given a collection of items and a set of user preferences. It is a common data mining difficulty. Using a network structure known as a p*-graph,…
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October 11, 2022 0

An Approach of Indian Men Shirt Sizing by Data Mining Technique

A crucial function for the size system is played in the sector of producing clothes. This study work aims to present a robust methodology that might be applied for creating sizing systems using data mining methods and Indian anthropometric data. A new method of two-stage data mining has been used to identify the shirt size…
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September 10, 2022 0

Study on Text Mining of English Materials for Tourism Purposes

This essay examines a number of English travel novels and contrasts them with journalism in terms of metrical linguistics. As a consequence, it is evident that English tourist products have some intriguing qualities. Reading materials in English, which is regarded as a global common language, has become crucial as tourism knowledge has grown in importance.…
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June 30, 2022 0

Study on Data Warehousing Applications: An Analytical Tool for Decision Support System

This paper gives an overview of data warehousing technologies, with a focus on the unique demands that data warehouses make on database management systems (DBMSs). Data warehouses and other data-driven decision support systems can handle data extraction from a variety of sources. Data warehouses standardise data throughout the enterprise to provide a unified picture of…
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March 2, 2022 0

Determination of Chennai Annual Rainfall Using Datamining Technique

India is predominantly an agricultural country, and weather forecasting has always relied on model-based methods. Water is a necessary requirement for human living, and rainfall is one of the primary sources of this resource. Rainfall forecasting is a critical responsibility for agricultural and meteorological departments, yet it is also one of the most difficult. The…
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March 2, 2022 0

Research Issues on Datamining

Data mining is a set of techniques for removing randomness from large and complicated databases and uncovering hidden patterns. The extraction of new knowledge from large databases is known as datamining (DM), sometimes known as knowledge discovery from databases (KDD). Data mining is the process of discovering previously undiscovered, valid patterns and relationships in big…
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January 5, 2022 0

An Overview of Knowledge Management and Data Mining for Marketing Decision

Knowledge management is an application for managing information and knowledge resources in an organisation that incorporates people, processes, and technology. Data mining appears in the knowledge management process of knowledge generation in particular, with its diversity of advanced methodologies. Knowledge management applications and data mining are used by businesses in a variety of areas, including…
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December 1, 2021 0

Review of Data Mining Techniques in Environmental System: An Advanced Approach

Medical imaging, network traffic analysis, environmental systems, and other sectors have benefited from the development of diverse data mining methods. The environment system is now the most essential topic of concern for individuals in today’s society, as it has a daily impact on human lives. ES elements such as earthquakes, soil erosion, deforestation, rising summer…
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October 22, 2021 0

Studies on Identification and Classification of the Best Communities That Ensure the Mastery of Their Expenditure by Using the Threshold of Their Cluster

In the framework of local community expenditure reduction, we devised a technique for segmenting local communities based on their revenue ratios by employing data mining algorithms and determining, first and foremost, their weight to limit expenditure in their cluster. The latter is distinguished by a threshold that is proportional to the number of its constituents.…
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October 16, 2021 0

Sentiments Analysis on Public Land Transport Infrastructure in Davao Region using Machine Learning Algorithms: A Recent Study

A city’s land transportation infrastructure has always been critical. People are increasingly turning to social media to share their opinions on civic projects like land transit. Government agencies are having difficulty recognising concerns that arise as a result of people criticising land transportation infrastructure on social media. Sentiment analysis, a crucial task in Natural Language…
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September 17, 2021 0