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A Detailed and Comparative Study on Conventional Sintering with Microwave Sintering and Vacuum Sintering of Y2O3-Al2O3-ZrO2 Ceramics

This chapter focused on comparative studies on conventional, microwave and vacuum sintering of alumina-added stabilised zirconia yttria (YSZ). When energy and time savings are involved, microwave sintering has been found to be the most effective sintering technique. In contrast to the conventionally sintered ones, microwave and vacuum sintered specimens display improved densification at lower temperatures.…
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December 31, 2020 0

Monitoring and Identification of Planktonic Genera/Species and Determination of the Physicochemical Factors Favoring the Growth of These Species in Cape 7 (Aftissat) Zone, South of Morocco

The research was carried out in the region of Cape 7 (Aftissat), south of Morocco, 232 km south of Laayoune. The goal is to define the planktonic genera/species and species 62 km south of Boujdour region. Determination of the physicochemical factors that favour these species’ development. The research was carried out by Carried out on…
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November 14, 2020 0

Research on Acoustical Parameters and Apparent Molar Volume of Lithium Soaps in Methanol

Ultrasonic measurements of lithium soap velocity and density (abietate, oleate and myristate) were measured in methanol at different frequencies (1-5 MHz) and under different conditions in order to determine the critical micelle concentration and different soap solution acoustic parameters. There are several factors, such as solving amphiphilic solutes, the structure of the ionic head group,…
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November 11, 2020 0