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Consideration Regarding the Increase in Youth Suicides during the COVID-19 Pandemic from a Long-term Perspective

Long-term worry and anguish, increasing physical distance between people, loneliness and isolation, and job loss have all been consequences of the pandemic. Furthermore, there are concerns that the COVID-19 epidemic would lead to an upsurge in suicides, particularly among young people. Long-term trends in the number of suicides in Japan show an uptick about 1955…
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March 26, 2022 0

Reported Experiences of Stalking Behavior from Patients towards Psychiatrists from the Atlantic Provinces of Canada

Introduction: Stalking  is  repeated  acts,  experienced  as  unpleasantly  intrusive,  that  creates apprehension  and  can  be  understood  by  reasonably  prudent  persons  as  grounds  for  becoming fearful. Doctors and healthcare professionals are at greater risk than the general population of being stalked, particularly by their patients. Stalking behaviour is particularly significant among psychiatric patients that put mental…
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July 20, 2019 0