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Determination of Five-Number Summary Method for Fault tolerance in Wireless Sensor Network

A wireless sensor network is a collection of sensors that perceive data and take action in response to it. Wireless sensor and actor networks (WSANs) are made up of a collection of sensors and actors that are connected via a wireless media. The data is sensed by the sensor node, which then passes it on…
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February 23, 2022 0

Implementation of Fault-Tolerant Control for a Robot Manipulator Based on Synchronous Sliding Mode Control: An Advanced Study

In this paper, a synchronous sliding mode-based active fault-tolerant control for a robot manipulator is developed. The joint errors tend to equalise and approach zero as the synchronisation errors approach zero. As a result, for a fault-tolerant controller, the synchronisation mechanism is intrinsically effective. The following implementation is provided to demonstrate such a system. To…
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September 14, 2021 0