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Determining the Correlation of Fetal Middle Cerebral Artery Doppler Indices in IUGR Pregnancies

Background and Goals: Doppler velocimetry studies of placental and foetal circulation can provide critical information regarding foetal health, allowing for better foetal outcomes. The goal of this study was to see if the foetal middle cerebral artery blood velocity waveforms, the Systolic/Diastolic ratio (S/D), the Pulsatility Index (PI), and the Resistance Index (RI) could be…
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December 10, 2021 0

Fetal Growth Restriction and Doppler Waveform: Current Research

Fetal growth restriction (FGR) is defined as the estimated fetal weight less than the 10th percentile for that gestational age on ultrasound study. There is no proven cure; management is reliant on a structured antenatal surveillance programme. Recent advances in ultrasound and Doppler have elucidated several mechanisms of growth restriction. Prediction of intrauterine hypoxia and…
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July 27, 2020 0