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Determination of Thiolated Chitosan as Nanocarriers for Ocular Drug Delivery

Because of its complicated anatomical structure, drug administration via the ocular channel has become more interesting and demanding in recent years. Despite extensive efforts by medical scientists around the world, there are numerous hurdles to overcome in delivering drugs via the ocular route. Short ocular residence periods induced by anatomical and pathophysiological obstacles in the…
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September 16, 2021 0

Determining the Effect of Annealing on the Crystal Structure of CoSi2/Si (100) Formed by MBE, SSE and RE Epitaxy Techniques

The paper presents original experimental results related to the study of the effect of annealing on the crystal structure of the surface of silicon doped with cobalt ions. The findings of research on CoSi2/Si(100) epitaxial structures formed by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), solid phase epitaxy (SPE), and other techniques are presented. It has been established…
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July 20, 2021 0

Portuguese Literature and Film: Ideological and Symbolic Metamorphosis in Manhã Submersa: From the Novel by Vergílio Ferreira to the Film by Lauro António

In his novel Manhã Submersa, the Portuguese writer Vergílio Ferreira devotes profound attention to the treatment of space, which acquires a powerful symbolism and results in a vector for the creation of the identity of the main character. Room, physical and psychological, because of the influences and echoes in the personality, is very important for…
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November 2, 2020 0