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Determination of Text Summary Using Morphological Filtering of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Hypergraph

  For many years, text summarization has piqued people’s interest. It refers to condensing a document’s text without losing any information. Many abstractive and extractive strategies for constructing summaries have been developed by researchers in the field of natural language processing. Extractive summaries select relevant sentences, but abstractive summaries modify the sentences and create a…
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September 27, 2021 0

Studies on Quotient Frames and Filters

Frame theory is a topology analysis focused on its open set lattice and has been extensively studied by different scholars. We introduce the notion of quotient frames using filters in this paper and research the relationship between the filters of the given frame and the corresponding quotient frame filters. Author (s) Details Dr. Rajesh K.…
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February 18, 2021 0