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Study on the Dark Pages of Usury by Ravenous Loan Sharks in India: A Review on Media Reports

Women street vendors (WSVs) encounter numerous obstacles in terms of financial security. Using banks for their financial transactions will protect them against private money lenders, allowing them to become more financially integrated into society. The study’s goal is to persuade these WSVs to use banks more frequently by enlisting the assistance of workers from the…
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November 4, 2021 0

Access to Credit: Experiences of Petty Traders in Ghana

Access to finance is a key determinant for business start-up, development and growth for small businesses. This paper focused on the experiences of petty traders in accessing credit within Wa Central in the Upper West Region of Ghana with a sample of eighty-one respondents for both the questionnaire and the interview. The data collected was…
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November 19, 2019 0