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Determining the Impact of Geometry Effects on Artery Stent Deployment Characteristics | Chapter 13 | Novel Perspectives of Engineering Research Vol.7

This paper covers a computational analysis of a specific stent in order to investigate the impact of strut thickness on deployment properties such as stress/strain, foreshortening, recoil, and dog boning. Congestive heart failure is one of the main causes of death in the world, claiming the lives of millions of people each year. The buildup…
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March 3, 2022 0

An Investigation of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on Piezoelectric Compliance in Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Milling (UVAM) for Preparing Surface Edge Treatment on Cutting Tool

Ansys Software, a programme that can analyse and simulate the dynamic behaviour of piezoelectric actuators, has been used to create a finite element analysis for piezoelectric actuators. UVAM (Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Milling) is a method that combines milling with a vibration device on the compliance mechanism. The Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Milling (UVAM) experiment had a…
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April 13, 2021 0