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Study on Materials Defects and Inclusions Effect on Mechanical Components’ Resistance

The impact of flaws, inclusions, and cracks on the fatigue resistance of mechanical and aeronautical components, even those constructed of high strength-to-mass ratio materials, is discussed in this chapter. The numerical growth of fractures and flaws will be simulated using finite element techniques. The replicate experimental procedure will allow the results to be confirmed. Author…
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August 5, 2021 0

Study on Magnetic Field of 1200kv Transmission Line by FEM & MATLAB

Power demand is growing rapidly with rapid industrial and commercial development and a thriving population. Modern UHV transmission line techniques are critical for the more efficient transmission of bulk quantities of power compared to earlier transmission methods. The 1200 KV UHV transmission line is India’s future project to fix this situation. However, as the amount…
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February 23, 2021 0