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Enclosure Fires of Single and Multi-Block propellant Charges

Ammonium perchlorate (AP) – hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) – aluminium (Al) solid propellant charges, in the form of one or more shaped blocks, are burned in an enclosure that simulates an ammunition storage room aboard a warship. The amount of charge used varies between 2 and 23 kilogrammes. The enclosure’s fire activity and thermal response are…
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April 3, 2021 0

Living Better through Yoga: Management of Body, Mind and Spirit

The need for a comprehensive or integrative conception is acknowledged by most developmental biologists. Yoga, Yoga  The method is holistic in that it takes care of an individual’s well-being when addressing it.  The human body, the human spirit, and the soul of a human being. The integrative mechanism of spiritual evolution is  And with quick,…
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September 28, 2020 0

Hazardous Activities and Effects on Market Fire in Nigeria

This research investigated the human awareness of hazardous activities and its effects on market fire in Nigeria. Three (3) main markets with high commercial activities selected for this study include Tejuosho market in Lagos, Mile 1 market in Port Harcourt and Ochanja market in Onitsha. Ten hazardous activities were identified within these selected markets. Methods…
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June 9, 2020 0

Causes and Strategies for Curbing Market Fire in Nigeria

Classification of causes of market fire in Nigeria is a study aimed at identifying and classifying the causes of market fire in Nigeria from the market users’ perspective. The study considered markets with high commercial activities and they were selected from three major cities, namely Lagos, Port Harcourt and Onitsha. Sixty questions on the causes…
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January 16, 2020 0