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Prediction of Critical Temperature and Pressure of Hydrocarbons Using Simple Molecular Properties

Fitting their critical temperature (Tc) and critical pressure (Pc) as functions of molecular weight and carbon atomic fraction was done using 470 hydrocarbons (CnHm). Tc=a*(Cfrac)b*(MW)c and Pc=a*(Cfrac)1/3+b*(MW)1/3+c are the non-linear regressed parameters for the given model; Cfrac is the carbon atomic fraction in a molecule, which is equal to n/(n+m) for a hydrocarbon compound; and…
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May 4, 2021 0

Studies on Catalytic Conversion of Chloromethane to Methane and Propane on SiO2/Al2O3: Kinetics of Deactivation Caused by Coking

Chloromethane was catalytically converted into methane and propane in a fixed-bed reactor with control of pressure and flow rates. The deactivation by coking was studied in a microadsorber equipped with gravimetric monitoring. In this study, two models were proposed: the first one proposed that product production competes with coke formation; and the other one proposed…
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July 29, 2020 0