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Struggle with Environmental Influences

The effect of external actions (intense external disturbance) on the operation of a complicated radiator structure is investigated. As an example, the impact of metallic objects nearing the antenna system is analyzed, in which the minimal irradiation of the user’s body is realized. Two methods based on two information sources, namely antennas driving currents and…
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June 10, 2021 0

Study on the Assessment of Genetic Variability Estimates of Selected Traits in Irish Potato Mutants

Objectives: Knowledge of genetic parameters of traits, such as heritabilities and genetic correlations, is important for an effective potato breeding strategy, hence the need to test genetic variability estimates of yield-related traits in Irish potato mutants Study Design: There was no replication of mutant minitubers at M1V1 generation because each does not maintain the same…
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November 6, 2020 0

Effect of Storage of Blood (with or without Irradiation) on Lipid Profile

Blood transfusion is mandatory for treatment of a number of clinical conditions. Blood to be transfused needs to be stored for future use in blood banks. To prevent the risk of graft versus host disease, blood is irradiated with gamma radiation before storage. During storage, blood components undergo a variety of alterations known as storage…
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October 4, 2019 0