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Prediction of Critical Temperature and Pressure of Hydrocarbons Using Simple Molecular Properties

Fitting their critical temperature (Tc) and critical pressure (Pc) as functions of molecular weight and carbon atomic fraction was done using 470 hydrocarbons (CnHm). Tc=a*(Cfrac)b*(MW)c and Pc=a*(Cfrac)1/3+b*(MW)1/3+c are the non-linear regressed parameters for the given model; Cfrac is the carbon atomic fraction in a molecule, which is equal to n/(n+m) for a hydrocarbon compound; and…
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May 4, 2021 0

A Model of Storage Changes within the Cretaceous Sandstones of Lokoja Formation. North Central Nigeria

An assessment of storage changes within the Cretaceous sandstones of Lokoja Formation constituting the sedimentary part of Lokoja and its environs was carried out using USGS GSFLOW-1.0 software to investigate reasons for water problems such as drying of streams and failure of wells commonly experienced in the area. Daily meteorological data from year 2001 to…
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January 31, 2020 0