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Features of Global Photosynthesis in Large Systems their Use for Studing the Evolution of the Global Carbon Cycle

It is demonstrated that the equation for photosynthesis in large systems can be transformed to the customary form employed in the analysis of a single photosynthesizing organism of type C-3, and that the equation describes the same photosynthesis traits that are inherent in these organisms. However, photosynthesis in big systems has two distinct characteristics as…
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November 19, 2021 0

Studies on Global Redox Carbon Cycle and Periodicity of Some Phenomena in Biosphere (6381)

A global redox carbon cycle model is used to investigate the irregular periodicity of some biosphere events such as climatic cycles, mass extinctions, sudden changes in biodiversity rate, and others over geological time. It is demonstrated that the periodicity of these various natural events is caused by a single cause. Moving lithospheric plates have a…
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August 24, 2021 0

Studies on Global Photosynthesis and Its Regulatory Role in Natural Carbon Cycle

Global photosynthesis in large systems is demonstrated to be a generalized photosynthesis of an ensemble of photosynthesizing organisms that comprise the system at a given time. Global photosynthesis possesses all of the characteristics of individual organism photosynthesis. They are as follows: 1) the presence of two reciprocal photosynthetic processes—CO2 assimilation and photorespiration; and 2) the…
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June 30, 2021 0