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Microbial Profiling, Bioremediation of Cadmium and Dye Decolourization Competence of Marine Bacterial Isolates | Chapter 11 | New Innovations in Chemistry and Biochemistry Vol.7

The microbial community is one of the many varied groups found in the ocean. Studies have showed that microorganisms isolated from the marine environment are metabolically active and have adapted to life in the water. To battle heavy metal stress and decolorization of diverse textile dyes, marine microorganisms employ a variety of survival strategies, and…
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March 3, 2022 0

Cytochrome C Oxidase 1 Divergences among Indian and Global Mosquito Species

Molecular phylogenetics investigates the relationships between organisms. It employs a combination of molecular and statistical techniques to establish evolutionary links between living organisms or genes. The number of mutations/evolutionary events that have occurred between species since their divergence is referred to as genetic distance. The simplest method is to count the number of differences between…
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June 24, 2021 0