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A Recent Study on Compositional Characteristics of Commercial Roasted Beet Root Chips Snacks

Beta vulgaris L. (beetroot) contains high amounts of active substances. The amounts of various compounds sucrose, glucose, fructose, micronutrients and physical properties were found in roasted beet root chips of two varieties cultivated in Jessore (BRJS) and Kustia (BRKS), Bangladesh. Large differences were found between the varieties for some nutrients (such as sucrose), whereas others…
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March 12, 2020 0

Nutrient Solution: Agronomic Characteristics and Quality of Strawberry Fruits Cultivated in Substrate

Aims: This study determined a nutritive solution and evaluated the performance in the development, production and quality of strawberry cultivated in the substrate. Study Design: The treatments were commercial and recommended nutritional solutions for strawberry using the methods of Castelane and Araújo (C.A.), Furlani and Fernandes Junior (F.F.J.) and the proposed solution with seven replicates.…
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July 25, 2019 0